Tuesday, July 26, 2005

JFK Travesty, Part 2

Now it is Tuesday morning, and I am about to call JFK airport information to try to find a number for the management of the Greenwich Village Bistro in Terminal 1.

Airport Information (718) 244-4444

A recorded female voice is telling me about the AirTrain. Now she's talking about security issues. Never leave luggage unattended. Law enforcement officers throughout the terminals are there to protect me. She regrets the inconvenience if your car is towed. Press 1 for an automated information system. A new garage will serve the AA terminal, so allow extra time to get to the terminal during construction. (Different woman.) Try AirTrain instead of driving. There's a new "Kiss and Fly" at the 8/9 parking lot, which gives you free parking to drop off and say goodbye to your passenger. (New woman) Welcome to the automated information system. For this and that, press 1,2,3. For comments and complaints, please hang up and call: 800-498-7497

This phone number doesn't seem to be on the actual JFK web site. Google it and you'll find only a few obscure mentions.

Wow - a woman answered the phone on ONE ring! I told her an abbreviated version of my little story. She took my number, and said, "Okay, as soon as that department gets in, I'll have them call you right back."

To be continued...


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