Tuesday, January 31, 2006

NPR Rewrites History: Bush Wins by Acclamation!

Sunday's All Things Considered featured NPR's Senior National Correspondent Linda Wertheimer talking about the president's standing in recent polls, controversy over domestic spying and the political importance of Tuesday's State of the Deception speech. The piece was mostly grim for the White House, since it is difficult for anyone except the most flagrant shills to spin the current poll numbers as reflecting public support for the mess the Republicons are making.

However, one nugget of ridiculous historical revisionism stood out:

"Just about the best thing the president could do for himself is to be himself and to be the sort of likeable George Bush that everybody liked better than John Kerry."

Whaaaa? I distinctly remember 59,028,109 Americans voting for John Kerry, not George Bush, in 2004. As one of those 59 million voters, I can say with absolute certainty that I liked John Kerry better than George Bush on election day, on the day before election day, the week before election day, the year before election day, and even years earlier when Bush was the Chief Executioner of Texas and Kerry was in the Senate. If I widen my view to include everybody I ever talked to about the election who voted for Kerry instead of Bush, I would say that somewhere close to 100% of those people said they liked Kerry better than Bush.

Yes, more people successfully cast ballots for Bush than for Kerry, at least many of whom did so because they believed the deliberate lies spread by the Bush regime about the war (not to mention the media and the swift boaters). But Linda darling, George Bush was not anointed king. He won a close election in which almost half the country voted to toss him out on his well-toned butt.

Perhaps, since NPR thinks we are nobody, they won't miss the contributions of we Americans who voted for John Kerry. I for one plan to sit out the upcoming pledge drive. Let them get their money from people who liked Bush better than Kerry in November 2004 - since "everybody" preferred W, those donations should just roll in.


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