Friday, August 10, 2007

Plastic bags are killing us | Salon News

Plastic bags are killing us | Salon News

In Switzerland, the grocery stores charge 30 cents per bag. As a result, people generally bring their own. Sometimes you'll forget to bring one, or you'll stop off at a store when you weren't expecting to, so you have to buy a new bag - at 30 cents, it's no big deal, but then you keep that bag and reuse it as long as you can. And the bags sturdy constructions with handles, well worth the money.

We've lived in Switzerland for about 7 months now, and we've used maybe 20 grocery bags in that time. Compare that to life in the US, where you can easily get 20 plastic bags on a single trip to the supermarket. At first it was annoying to remember to bring bags. Now it's just an ordinary part of life.

There's still far too much plastic in our lives, and we're trying to find other ways to reduce the amount that comes through our house. At least cutting down on the bags is a start - one we wouldn't have taken without the small financial incentive at the checkout counter.

And when you walk in the beautiful mountains around here, you don't see plastic bags in the trees and streams!


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