Thursday, August 04, 2005

JFK Travesty, Part 4

Let's try this again.

Dialing 1-800-498-7497

This time I didn't even go into the whole story of the horrible service at the Greenwich Village Bistro in Terminal 1. I just said that this was my third time calling, and that nobody had called me back.

The woman who answered the phone said that she would leave another message.

Now I see that my receipt also includes the words, "Anton Airfood Inc." Hello, Google!

They've got a website that says they are passionately committed to the BEST service:

"At Anton Airfood, Inc., we believe that the customers' needs and wishes come first."

Founded by Bill Anton, the company is a major player in the airport concessions business. They appear to be based at Washington National. Let's try their phone number: 1-703-417-0900

A man named Mike is the person to contact: 301-896-xxxx

Fax is : 240-694-xxxx

Mike was very pleasant, and gave me his committment to "cure our evils." I'll fax him the receipt later today, when I get to the office.

It'll be a busy day at the fax machine. I've also got to fax a letter to the US Embassy in Ghana so that my programmer, Paa Kwesi, can get back into the country. PK, I need you here!


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