Wednesday, August 10, 2005

An explanation for my crusade against BS at JFK

The introduction to Laura Penny's book, "Your Call Is Important To Us," has a paragraph that neatly sums up why I've made a minor mountain of the irksome experience at JFK. Call it an everyday form of peasant resistance, with a techie twist: by blogging about the times when bullshit is smeared in your face, you can out the bullshitter. For example, an internet search of "Greenwich Village Bistro JFK" is seeing a certain sordid tale climbing the ranks - link to this blog, and watch those responsible for rudeness and mediocrity in Terminal 1 reap what they sow.

If only I could blog about the experience of dealing with the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services... But that is one office that holds too much power over my life right now (imagine the temerity, I married someone who didn't even have the forethought to be born an American citizen), so you'll just have to imagine a scene, drawn out over months and years, that is not unlike dealing with the New Jersey DMV at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon.

Here's the excerpt from Penny's book:

There are several reasons why there is so much bullshit, not the least of which is that we continue to tolerate it. We might grumble about bullshit, but few of us are inclined to ask for the manager or boycott the offender. This is partly due to a sense that resistance is futile. You, as a lone consumer, can hardly put a dent in any of the reigning oligopolies with your singular refusal, no matter how cruddy their service or product may be. You, as a single voter, can hardly influence matters of state to the same degree that industry concerns and special interest lobbies can. These feelings of impotence, insignificance, and isolation represent the bummer underside of all that self-interest speak, for you are but a superfluous drop in the mighty churning sea that will wash on with or without you. It'’s the triple-A of apathy, alienation, and atomization.


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